About Us

Trail Lodge Tea

Making a Difference for People and Animals One Cup at a Time

     My name is Annette Hopkins, and I'm the owner of Trail Lodge Tea. I opened the business in July of 2011 with a goal of making quality teas more accessible to everyone. I grew up drinking instant tea mixed with sugar and using tea bags for hot tea. When my family discovered loose leaf tea, I couldn't believe the difference in quality. First, I no longer needed to add sugar to my tea because the flavor was so much better. Also, it allows for a fun experience that is like a ceremony with the process of boiling water, pouring it over the tea leaves, and waiting for it to brew. This gives you a chance to slow down and relax.
     One of my most cherished memories is visiting Twin Bridges in Yosemite. My sister and I took the short hike to the location in the high country. Even though it was peak season, there were very few people there. A shallow clear mountain stream meandered through the meadow making a wonderful relaxing sound as it rushed over the smooth rocks. It was the most serene place I've ever visited. I just sat on a rock by the stream and reflected upon the beauty of the place and God's wonderful creation. Being away from all the hustle and bustle of every day life allowed me to contemplate on things that are really important, such as God, family, and the world around me.
     While it is impossible for most of us to get away very often, I think it is important for us to allow time to relax and put the busy modern day life aside. Tea gives you that opportunity. Since it takes time to brew and is sipped from a cup, it forces you to slow down. I enjoy sipping a cup in the morning before I get going in the morning and at night to unwind (although I would suggest a lower caffeine tea or herbal tisane for that).  
     This experience is easy to create with all the various brewing devices, you can find a way to brew tea that fits your lifestyle. Also, Trail Lodge Tea strives to bring you a variety of choices in tea and herbal tisanes.
     I'm also very committed to the environment and community. Trail Lodge Tea strives to leave as small an imprint on the environment as possible by recycling and using recycled items when possible. The company also carries several Fair Trade Teas and "chariteas".