Fair Trade

Trail Lodge Tea Supports Fair Trade
With Fair Trade you get quality products that improve lives and protect the environment. Visit fairtradeusa.org for more information on Fair Trade.

Products that are made entirely out of Fair Trade ingredients, you will see this label. This applies to products that our made of one type of tea such as Celtic Cottage or North Point Darjeeling. It also applies to a blend of Fair TradeFair Trade Certified teas such as our High Country Tea. This tea is made from three teas from Sri Lanka, China, and India. All three teas are Fair Trade Certified. Trail Lodge Tea uses Fair Trade products whenever possible because we believe everyone should receive a fair wage and have good working and living conditions. However, some products are not available as Fair Trade Certified or we have those products here in the United States. In those cases we purchase other ingredients. Trail Lodge Tea also believes in supporting our local economy so we do purchase ingredients that are available in the United States. Also, buying items closer to home is better for the environment because less fuel is used in shipping. So you might see these labels on some of our products: These logos are used when one are more Fair Trade ingredients are used in the product, but it is not made 100% of Fair Trade ingredients. For example, our Cherry Almond Rooibos contains Fair Trade Certified Rooibos. This ingredient is 40% of Cherry Almond Rooibos, but it also contains other ingredients. We mixed it with organic honeybush. At this time, there isn't any farmers producing Fair Trade Certified honeybush. The other ingredients are organic dried cherries, sliced almonds, and organic natural flavoring. We purchase these ingredients from U.S. producers because these ingredients are available here. You can also watch the following videos to learn more about Fair Trade.