Red Panda Breakfast Tea
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Red Panda Breakfast Tea

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Red Panda Breakfast Tea is a blend of teas from three countries where the red pandas live: Nepal, India, and China. We sourced these teas from gardens that are in or near the Himalayas. The idea is to support Red Panda Conservation and the people who live near these areas so they have a source of income that does not harm the red pandas or their home. That is why we utilize teas that are grown organically and socially responsible. This blend is a smooth malty taste that is the perfect cup to wake you up and get you going in the morning.
s: Fair Trade Certified TM Benaspathy Estate Organic Black Tea and Fair Trade Certified TM Organic Yunnan Black Tea, and Kanchanjangha Noir.
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$1.50 of every sale goes to the Red Panda Trust. The Red Panda Trust was founded in 2013 to unite on the ground organizations throughout the Red Panda global habitat. They are working to build a Red Panda Conservation Center and study Red Panda populations and genetics.